Why We Created CCA

Strength from the inside out

When sports and remedial massage therapists get together their conversations can be predictable… Emma and Roz discussed how, as canine, equine and human practitioners, too many injuries can be directly linked to a weak core. In dogs, invariably a weak core is due to over-development of superficial muscles – and the result is the under-development of the deep core muscles.

The Core is HUGE in human and equine training – but not in canines

From those conversations in 2011 Roz and Emma devised a 1 day workshop, called PawDimensions which looked to begin to fill that gap. The 1 day workshops delivered a canine assessment method and core training programme.

These PawDimensions workshops were delivered to an interested and varied audience of dog handlers, trainers and also as CPD to behaviorists and other dog workers. PawDimensions techniques and philosophy are so easy to integrate into the lives of the dogs whose handlers had been on a workshop, or were clients of Emma or Roz.

Yet there were unanswered questions about canine fitness, form and movement. So with PawDimensions as a first stage, and with more research, more study and more experience the Canine Conditioning Academy was launched to encompass their whole philosophy on canine conditioning.

When creating PawDimensions they integrated theoretical knowledge, experience and added techniques from human and equine remedial training.

“We have monitored the benefits to the dogs on a PawDimensions fitness lifestyle, and our aim was always to create a canine conditioning programme to promote total fitness, and injury proofing, at all life stages.”
Emma Overend

CCA is the home of the PawDimensions fitness lifestyle exercise programme and now the CCA Instructor course. PawDimensions training and the CCA Elements of Total Fitness are integral stepping stones in canine conditioning.

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