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Flora is a 6 year old Chinese Crested Powderpuff. She competes in Agility at Kennel Club G7 and Championship Level and for the last 4 years has competed at Crufts in the Crufts Small Agility Team.

In 2015 we were runners up, and in 2016 Flora was part of the winning Crufts Small Agility Team.

I met Emma Overend when I was looking to support Flora’s active life with a treatment that could benefit her performance, treat any ‘niggles’ she had and to help her reduce emotional stress and physical tension as she has seizures, and takes medication.

Emma began working weekly with Flora and accepted Emma from the first session and she trusts Emma totally. Emma prescribes exercise routines for Flora between therapy sessions. She benefited in many ways “ better flexibility, better gait and co-ordination, ability to relax easier, better relationship between us and appearing less stressed. This has resulted in better performance at competitions with more wins, faster times and less injury.”

I cannot thank Emma Overend enough for the time she gives to me and Flora.

Donna Lewis

Agility Team GB

The exercises Roz suggested were clear and within Poppy’s capabilities, modelled to her requirements. Exercises were reviewed every few weeks and on each visit I could demonstrate how Poppy had improved considerably, showing increased flexibility/flexion and connection; her confidence in being able to easily perform the exercises increased too.

Mary Macarthy

Owner, Working Trials

Out of the blue, my 10 year old GSD dog started crying out in pain, this situation deteriorated quickly, with him standing with his leg quivering and being held in the air.  At the same time he was biting at the air around the thigh as if something was attacking him.

I took him to my vet and after the consultation I asked if she could refer me to Emma, as she had been recommended.

Emma took a video of my dog in motion, analysed his gait in slow motion and took a case study from me and then discovered the torn muscles in his thigh. I was shown massage and stretching techniques, along with injury management instructions.

After a few weeks I returned to see Emma and she was delighted with the repair process. But she did say, the main stabilising muscles in the thigh were under-developed. This rang true to me, as when he was running fast and turning he did look a bit unstable.

I was given some very simple exercises to do and I have been amazed at how these muscles have grown and strengthened his back end.

I have since been on a PawDimensions course to learn more about core muscle strength and the exercises involved in developing it. I have put everything I learnt to good use on all my dogs – and would recommend PawDimensions to anyone.

Paul from Cambridgeshire

Owner, Working Trials

I can’t thank Roz enough for how she has helped my Border Collies. She has taught me exercises to strengthen their core muscles to prevent injury and is happy to share her vast knowledge to help me.

Sue Jackson

Agility competitor

Emma comes regularly to see my dressage horse Laurie and works wonders with him. I also refer my canine clients to her when they need muscle work or re-hab. I couldn’t be without her.

Sue Booth B.Vet.Med, M.R.C.V.S

Clear Ridge Vets, Stamford

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